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Annual General Meeting Season





Old Season

1. Monies due and spirit draw bottles were received.


2. Charity - Members were informed that the chosen charity to benefit from the contribution for the 2005/6 season would be Glendene Special School as chosen by Peterlee Football Club. The amount of the contribution would be 100 from the league plus 121 received from players as entry fees for the competition and a 10 fine received. The total is therefore 231. Secretary reported that he had sent 2 complimentary tickets to the school headmaster.


New Season


1. Additions and Ommissions. The Pemberton Arms from Cold Hesledon and Peterlee Football B were added. Horden Legion and Castle Eden Inn were omitted. Total number of teams registered was therefore 13. 20 was received from the new teams. Delegates were informed that Horden Conservatives team were moving to Horden Comrades Club.


     All teams were represented at the AGM.


2. League officials to remain the same. Secretary - Paul Clark, Treasurer – George Hodgson. Exec members – Tommy Bradshaw (Shotton Coms), Alan Stanley ( Horden Coms), Marty Wild (Acre Rigg), Laurence Bell (Easington Colliery Club) and John Twidale (Blackhall RAFA).


3. Treasurers Report – Treasurer reported that the trophies would cost 280 and the estimated balance carried forward to the new season would be 80 plus whatever was made from the spirit draw (estimated at 200 from previous seasons). It was agreed that a more accurate picture would be forthcoming at the next meeting as the vast majority of income was taken at the presentation night.


4. League Format and rules. It was agreed that: -


- Teams play each other 3 times (carried after significant discussion by a majority of 1 vote),


- The seven point deduction rule for postponed games be retained,


- A point a game be retained,


- Alternate darts be retained,


- No registration of players rule be retained (this was referred owing to the ruling by the Exec regarding an ineligible player played by Blackhall RAFA).


5. Competitions: -


- The KO Cup, Pairs, Singles and Gordon Elliott Pairs competitions continue in their present form.


- KO Cup semi finals and finals be played on the same night as was the case during the 2005/6 season,


- There was considerable discussion about whether the competitions should be split over more than one night. While the two pairs competitions were completed by a reasonable time, the singles competition finished around 12.30 am despite commencement being earlier than previous seasons. A motion to split the singles competition over 2 nights was defeated. It was then agreed that the semi-finals should be best of 3 legs in all competitions and the final be best of 5 legs.


- Peterlee Football Club be retained as venue for the competitions. While Horden Comrades Club was proposed by Horden Catholic Club’s delegate and was recognized as a suitable venue, the delegate from Horden Comrades was unaware of whether the venue would be available and it was noted that this would be Horden Comrades first season in the league for a considerable time.


- It was raised that there were three players who played in the Gordon Elliott Pairs competition who were ineligible in so far as they had not played the required 5 league games. After some discussion, it was agreed that the onus be put on to the captains to enter their players in the competitions (with the proviso that they have played in the league during that season) with the League Secretary having the power to query any entries he feels not in the spirit of a friendly league.


6. Start Date.

                        - It was agreed that the start date be 11th August.


7. Midsummer break.


                        - Last week in July first week in August, as usual

Minutes of the Meeting held on 2nd  March

Teams Represented: -                              

Hesleden, Horden Catholic, RAFA, Football A, Football B, Trimdon, Acre Rigg, Horden Coms, Easington Colliery, Shotton Coms.


Peterlee Catholic and Easington Village were playing a re-arranged cup match and were not represented as a result.


1. League Tables and Team of Season standings were distributed.


2. As was agreed at the previous meeting, the two unclaimed prizes from the presentation night were raffled off.


3. The secretary raised the fact that no bottle was forthcoming from Horden Legion at the presentation night for the 2005/6 season. As league members do not pay monthly/annual fees, the bottle and ticket money is deemed to be annual subscriptions for each team for the preceding season. Ticket money and spirit draw income provide the required funds to cover all league outgoings for the following season. After a heated discussion, the delegates from the Football B team offered to give the league back the bottle that had just been won in the raffle (item 2). Delegates decided to accept the bottle in payment of the debt owed by members of the former Horden Legion team. The bottle was re-raffled. Delegates agreed that the issue of funding should be reviewed at the AGM for 2007/8 season.


4. Any Other Business – None raised.


5. The draw for the cup was as follows: 1


Easington Village Club v Shotton Comrades


Acre Rigg v Easington Colliery Club


Peterlee Football B v Horden Catholic Club


Hesleden Conservatives Club v Blackhall RAFA


6. Secretary reminded delegates that singles and pairs entries were required for the next meeting.


Meeting Concluded

Minutes of Meeting Held 10th November 2006 (All teams represented).

  1. League Tables, Revised Fixtures and Team of the Season standings were all distributed.
  2. Treasurer also distributed financial statements detailing income and expenditure for the 2005/6 season, current financial status of the league. Additionally, a receipt from A1 Trophies for 280.00 was handed around for delegates to examine. At the end of the 2005/6 season, the league had a balance of 268.64 which compared to 189.64 from the end of the 2004/5 season. The current fund balance is 334.64.
  3. Owing to the Oaklands and Pemberton Arms dropping out of the league, a new fixture sheet had to be produced. Teams will play each other in a different order to what they have to date. Competitions and presentation would be brought forward 4 weeks as a result. This means competitions would take place on the 15th, 22nd, 29th June and 6th July, with the presentation provisionally on 20th July. Teams were requested to destroy the previous fixture sheets to avoid confusion.
  4. It was decided that players who had previously played for the Oaklands or Pemberton Arms would be eligible to play for any other team that they wanted.
  5. Secretary mentioned that the league website had been set up shortly after the A.G.M. and asked if all of the teams had access to the site. All delegates said that their teams had access to the website by one means or another. It was advocated that the easiest way to gain access to the website was by a search engine such as Google or MSN. Search results for Colliery Friday and darts should provide a link to the site. League tables and results are generally updated on Sunday and any important announcements are posted there. Secretary stated that if anyone did not have the means to access the website, he could forward details through the post or by e-mail as was the case previously, if delegates requested.
  6. Two prizes remained unclaimed at the presentation night (a bottle of Vodka and a bottle of Bacardi) and it was decided to raffle them off as in the previous year. 5 per team at the next meeting.
  7. Draw for cup as follows: -

Horden Comrades v Easington Colliery Club


Acre Rigg Social Club v Peterlee Football A


Peterlee Catholic Club v Easington Village Club


Blackhall RAFA v Trimdon Colliery and Deaf Hill Club


Remaining Clubs (S Coms, Footb B, Hes Cons and H Cath) have byes.


  1. AOB. Darts Handicap at Hesleden Conservatives 15th December with money added. All welcome.


Meeting Concluded.

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